Saturday, January 16, 2010

My 2009 Top 10

Rang in the New Year with a bad case of influenza, and finally coming out the other side of it. So I wanted to make a list of my 2009 Top 10 New albums to start the year.

1. American Ride ~ Toby Keith ( Any new album by Toby Keith will be in my top 10, but American Ride is classic Toby Keith, full of great country! LOVE IT! This album shows a wide range of style, and has guest appearances with jazz artists for the tribute to Toby's friend Wayman Tisdale. It's an amazing album, and destined to be a country music favorite for years to come.

2. Southern Voice ~ Tim McGraw ( I still find it hard to believe that his label sat on this album for over 2 years before releasing it, choosing instead to release "greatest hits" albums instead. The songs are powerful and it is a master album from one of country's greatest.

3. Revolution ~ Miranda Lambert ( Definitely her strongest album so far, Miranda is showing a depth to her music that continues to grow with each album she releases. "White Liar" will stick in your head from the first time you hear it.

4. American Saturday Night ~ Brad Paisley ( Brad Paisley is a master, no question about it. Easily able to weave humor and insight seamlessly, every album from Brad is a treat.

5. Play On ~ Carrie Underwood ( Carrie continues to grow as an artist with each successive album and Play On is no exception. She shows a wide range on this album from pop-style country to classic country ballads.

6. Keep on Loving You ~ Reba McEntire ( Even though this album has already released two very strong singles that I love, my absolute favorite track is the title track, I Keep On Lovin' You. It's the song of a long time true love, and brings a tear to my eye each time I listen to the album.

7. Never Going Back ~ Collin Raye ( Collin Raye has long been a favorite of mine, and his new release in 2009 is no exception. I love the entire album, and it was a welcome return of a special artist that holds a place in my heart.

8. Songs of Love and Heartache ~ Alan Jackson ( Yeah, it's only available at Cracker Barrel. And yeah, it's a compilation album. But I love Alan Jackson, and guess where I was buying a copy after its release? You got it - Cracker Barrel!! And I have to add it to my 2009 list. :-)

9. Defying Gravity ~ Keith Urban ( Keith Urban albums are always full of amazing guitar playing, and Defying Gravity is no exception. He is always full of energy, insightful lyrics and heartfelt emotion. Defying Gravity is another masterwork from an amazing guitar master.

10. Feel That Fire ~ Dierks Bentley ( Dierks has been a favorite of mine since I first heard "What Was I Thinkin?" From the first time I heard "Feel That Fire," I could not wait for the new album, and it lived up to all my expectations, and then some. "Sideways" has been become one of my regular favorites to play to "kick off" my weekends, and the album is full of tunes that will just grow on you and stick in your mind.

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