Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Total Lunar Eclipse

Tonight is a total lunar eclipse. We had a fully clear sky, so I figured I would try and take a few pictures. To my surprise, a couple actually came out fairly well, so I'm putting them up here on my blog.

Just an interesting fact: The next total lunar eclipse will not be until December 2010. almost 3 years in the future.

Here is one of my first shots of the eclipse - full picture, taken just after 8:30 pm (I time stamped it on purpose):

Partial eclipse shot taken at about 8:30 pm - center of the picture, and looks more like a half moon in the night. I cropped it to bring it up closer:

Total eclipse is roughly the center of the picture - looks like a red dot. One small branch of the tree is pointing upward towards the total eclipse. Again, I cropped it to make the moon seem closer.:

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Prayer for the REAL candidate for change

I received this from the Mike Huckabee Presidential Prayer Team. It was originally posted in the Austin Huckabee Meetup group, and modified to fit the entire nation.

Heavenly Father, thank You for giving supernatural favor to Mike Huckabee and for sending all of your laborers to surround Mike. We ask of You dearest Father to please make a way for Mike to lead our nation and for the people of America to honor a man who truthfully honors You and Your Word. We know and have faith that You are bigger than any circumstance and that You love to use someone like Mike to humble the proud. We know what the circumstances look like and what others are saying of Mike Huckabee's chances, but You put this desire in our hearts, and we will honor it until we see it come to pass. You are faithful and just and quick to perform your Words and Promises, I pray and ask this in your precious Son's name, Jesus Christ - Amen.

The Emerging Church - New Age Stuffed in Christian Skin

I heard a podcast from Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa recently that has opened my eyes to an evil in the midst of Christianity - the "Emerging Church". The teaching was done by a gentleman named Warren Smith, who came to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa to speak on January 23, 2008. You can listen online here:

If you would rather watch it online, use this link instead:

Warren Smith is a man who comes from the New Age movement, and has done extensive studies on the "Emerging Church". It was amazing to me to hear how many things they take directly from New Age, only to put it into a new format - Christianity. Warren Smith wrote a book about this very thing - Reinventing Jesus Christ - The New Gospel.

Jesus Christ is the same - yesterday, today and forever. May those who are so good intentionedly trying to make Jesus Christ over into something more appealing to them come to see the error of their ways.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Cute Snow Day picture!

I'm always a "sucker" for a fuzzy face. This picture from the Chicago Tribune caught my eye - and my heart. :-)

Mags, who belongs to the Broderick family in Frankfort, takes a break from romping in the snow. (Tribune photo by Scott Strazzante / February 1, 2008)

On "Super Tuesday" my vote is for...

...Mike Huckabee.

I don't think I'd ever find a politician to match every single view I have of where we need to be in this country, but of any candidate that is out there, Governor Huckabee has hit the majority of where I think this country needs to be at. Not only that, he is the first candidate that I have ever agreed with on so many issues - marriage and family, life, the place of faith in the political arena, national security, taxes, and the list goes on. Check out his stand on all the issues, and I bet you will agree with him on many areas, too. It's all common sense:

And no matter what, be sure to vote....Our voices need to be heard, and truly every vote does count!

Ruth Anne
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